Omotenashi: an intuitive, kind and distinct Japanese approach to hospitality.

There’s a saying in Japan, ‘Ichi-go ichi-e,’ which means, every moment is one-of-a-kind, and something to be treasured.

This is the philosophy of neighbourhood restaurant Kazuki’s, located in the suburb of Carlton.

In the tradition of ‘Omotenashi’ and classical Japanese hospitality, Chef Kazuki Tsuya (formerly the Chef’s Hat awarded Kazuki’s Daylesford, now Sakana), and his partner Saori, welcome you into their refined space with care and conviviality, to ensure every occasion, however spontaneous, is a memorable one.   

Bringing the sensibility of his native Japan to a menu that sings with the best Australian produce, Chef Kazuki strives for balance and simplicity. 

A slow restaurant on a fast street, Kazuki’s is a place where flavours, service and interiors are harmonious — where new traditions are forged, and where delightful and restorative food encounters become nutrition for the soul.